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How can you participate at the Euromillions lottery from Germany


Due to the huge winnings, more and more people want to play the Euromillions Lottery in Germany: It is no longer only popular in the countries where it is primarily offered. Even lottery fans of other nationalities don't want to miss out on the great winning sums, so probably you as well, since you have found your way to this page. First of all: Even if your home country as a German does not belong to the participating countries of Euromillions, it is no problem at all to participate in the lottery. Because the rules support the participation of every player over 18 years of age, regardless of their origin. 

This is where comes in. We offer you as one of the best and most competent comparison portals for Euromillions play in Germany an optimal package of information about the lottery as well as the possibility to easily and directly find the right and best provider for your Euromillions lottery in Germany.


Different Euromillions participation options

The process of a Euromillions of tips is very different depending on the platform. Some platforms allow you to buy a real Euromillions ticket abroad via a so-called messenger and play along in real life. Unfortunately, this is often associated with high additional costs. Others let you guess the outcome of certain lottery numbers. With these providers, however, you do not own a ticket. Therefore you should always pay attention to where you type Euromillions and how there the conditions are.


Worth knowing around the Euromillionen participation from Germany

Of course, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Depending on which provider you choose, you may have to deal with taxes. Lottery winnings in Germany are basically tax-free and you get everything paid out. However, this can be different abroad. So if you play Euromillions in a country that levies taxes on lottery winnings, you have to pay them. Countries like Austria belong to the Euromillions country group, but like Germany they do not levy taxes on lottery winnings. If you are unsure, you should look for a provider there.


Our provider comparison

Our comparison of the various Euromillions providers (see table) is divided into various criteria. Although there are many different sites that offer Euromillions, they all have very different models, licenses and are very easy to use. We recommend tidy, clear pages with confidential licensing within the EU. We have also included the online evaluations of the providers on various lottery test sites in our evaluation. Finally, the price per betting field is an important aspect for a good rating in our ranking.


Our ranking shows you with which providers worldwide it is most worthwhile to play the Euromillions Lottery in Germany. We've already done a lot of the work for you, browsed the various comparison portals, compared tests and testimonials, and taken a look at the pages ourselves. wishes you a lot of luck in your hunt for the next million jackpot.

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