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In the long history of Euromillions there have been one or two twists and changes in the rules that have ensured that Euromillions are always up to date and fresh, and that players continue to have very good chances of winning large sums even with increasing numbers of players. We have compiled the most important points in Euromillions history for you and present them here.



2004 – A united Europe



After the founding of the European Union in 1992 and finally the introduction of a common currency in 2002, all signs of an international and intercultural community stood in the early new millennium. The same was to apply to the lottery game, thought the countries of Great Britain, Spain and France. A joint European lottery was created, which held its first draw in Paris on 13 February 2004. A Frenchman won the first jackpot of 15 million euros. On 8 October, six more countries join the Euromillions family. With Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Portugal, there are now a total of nine countries in Europe where people can chase the huge Euromillions jackpot.






29 July 2005 – the first record



The Irish Dolores McNamara can secure the first massive Euromillions jackpot (115.4 million Euros) in Euromillions history. This was the biggest jackpot ever won in Europe at the time.






2006, 2007 & 2009 – New Euromillions Rules & Super Education



With one rule change, Euromillion will be 2 years old. From now on, the jackpot must be won within a maximum of 12 draws, otherwise the entire jackpot amount will be distributed to the lower prize class. This will be the first time in November and 20 players will receive almost 10 million euros each. A Belgian whose identity is still unknown today cracks the first jackpot from a super draw on 9 February 2007. It amounts to 100 million euros. At the end of 2009, the 12-draw rule will be lifted again and the jackpot will instead be capped at 185 million.






10 May 2010 – Always Tuesdays



For the first time, a Euromillions draw will also be held on Tuesdays. In addition, the number of star numbers will be increased.






12 July 2011 & 10 August 2012 – Mega-Euromillion profits



The first maximum jackpot in Euromillion history of 185 million Euros goes to two players from Great Britain. The maximum jackpot is then raised to 190 million. The Euromillions jackpot of 190 million Euro, which is the largest in Euro won so far, will end up with two British players from Haverhill.






September 2016 – All new makes September



The Euromillions rules will be changed again. There are now 12 star numbers and the tickets will be slightly more expensive. But there will be more special draws and more extras that will allow more players to take home their winnings. On 6 October 2017, the last Euromillion maximum jackpot of 190 million Euros was won by a Spaniard.